M: It’s such a cold day, I want to warm up in a kotatsu… Ugh~ s-so cold… it’s so cold… the wind feels so cold, my ears hurt… Haru, it seems like today is supposed to be the coldest winter day yet.

H: Is that so.

M: I’ve always wondered, doesn’t Haru feel cold wearing so little?

H: It’s no problem.

M: I feel cold just looking at you! Haa, it’s been so unbearably cold since I woke up this morning, I’m wearing extra layers beneath my coat today.

H: Aren’t you wearing too many today? You look bigger than usual.

M: Eh? Is it really that much? Is it weird..?

H: Ignore that for now and let’s go. Or we won’t we able to board the train.

M: Eh? Wait, Haruuuu!!

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please forgive any inaccuracies in translation (feel free to correct me) ><”

note: this is just a short clip (i think the actual track is supposed to be 8min long) idk if the rest is available somewhere…

Makoto’s voice is so moe(人´∀`*)~♥

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bring back death note memes

did you know….

yagami backwards………………

is imagay XD

alright putting the memes away again

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Is this still a thing?

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my kind of bread



Uta from Tokyo Ghoul cosplay by rui

Do not remove sources.

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5-22: Swan Song

I cry like a baby every freaking time.

i’m crying right now

always reblog for Baby

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"I can’t lose him.
I love him” 

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